Nope, I am not kidding at all! It’s a general consensus that starting an Amazon FBA business would need an investment of at least $5000 or more (some say $500, $1000, whatever!), $10000 to $20000 to make a decent recurring income. And my personal estimates were atleast $50000 whenever I get started. While researching the ecommerce space I stumbled upon something… it’s called FBM ( I know that you know. It’s jus that I didn’t know!) – the only difference is that in FBA Amazon fulfils it while in FBM the fulfillment is done by the merchant or a 3PL. People shy away from FBA because one has to preorder the merchandise and send to Amazon(technically speaking Amazon never requires a minimum amount for FBA either), then there’s the risk of the items not selling. T ...

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