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Hi STM’ers!

I have a new side-project starting out and I’ve decided to share my journey. I know I will inspire and motivate newbies to take action and I will probably get valuable tips and tricks from experienced marketers. Win-win situation. 🙂

Project background
6 years ago I made a webshop with hunting equipment for my father. I installed Magento with some basic template from Themeforest.com and I show my father how to publish a product with images and basic SEO stuff (title, descriptions, links). In one year this store was ranking in top positions in SERP for hunting related search queries and e-commerce soon become main user-acquisition channel for my father. At the moment this store and loyal customers are his main revenue stream. He is specialized in hunting wild boar and is very active on Instagram under the nickname Wild Boar Liquidator.

He is really the most passionate hunter you can imagine. He is sleeping in the room where the walls look like a forest. 😀

Own product
Last year he decided to build his own product, an attractant for wild boar. In one year he developed the product, brand, social presence ...

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