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Over the past year, I’ve helped run some of the most successful brands on Amazon. Here are some quick optimizations and strategies you can implement today on Amazon FBA and increase sales.


  • EBC Stuffing – when you create EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) your description is hidden. This is great, you can revisit this space and dump 2000 characters of keywords in there to index. With the new limitations on backend keywords, there’s finally a space to add almost as many as you can think of. This has led to a 4x increase in sales within a week on multiple products
  • Image Upsells – People to tend to ignore special offers on Amazon. Put your upsells where people will look – in the images! Images 3-6 work best for including offers that utilize tiered discounts (Buy 2, save 10% on both) or cross sells (Buy Item X + Item Y and save 15%) – This works really well when you have related products.
  • Coupon Stacks – People also ignore the coupon and special offer section – Stack it high with 7-10 discounts even if they’re the same thing to get people to take notice when they scroll on the page.
  • Keyword Research – my process is really simple. I use Seller Lab’s Ignite tool not as much for PPC as I do for running Reverse Asin searches – I copy and paste into an excel sheet, and then copy it again into AMS Headline Search Ad Creation tool to get keyword volume from Amazon.
  • Keyword Research Part 2: Use AMS Headline Search Ad Creation -> Add 3 Competitor’s products for your ad and then Amazon will suggest their best keywords for you to use! Copy this and combine with the above to be able to get 500-1000 keywords in less than 10 minutes.
  • Best Seller Badge: Based on the subcategory. If your BSR is better than the No. 1 in any subcategory – switch your product to that category and instantly get the best seller badge – can increase daily revenue by 10-25%
  • Backend Keywords: Don’t forget to fill up almost every field on your backend. Subject Matter and Intended Audience are great to put important keywords.


  • Catchall Campaign – 2-4% ACOS
  • Create an automatic campaign that includes every product on your account with super low bids ($.10-.15) – forces Amazon to get you cheap clicks and find good long tails. This campaign won’t be high volume, but has gotten great results – $72 ad spend, $3900 in revenue, in 2 weeks. I have tested this on around ...

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