Today I want to share a quickie with you that I posted on my blog few days ago.

It´s no long story and nothing spectacular.

But it shows that you can have good success when you get little bit creative with what you do.

Few years ago I was running some campaigns for online survey offers.

As traffic I used classified traffic.

I ran the campaigns in Canada so I used Kijiji to post my ads there.

First I tested with free ads but the problem was that they were pushed down pretty fast when new ads were posted.

Then I ran the campaigns with paid ads and it worked very good. (EDIT BY VORTEX: This is important! Most classified ads are strict about spam, so paid traffic may be your best bet. Please see this post:

The Ad Setup

I don´t have the exact text anymore but it was something like
“We pay for your opinion.
We work with big companies who wants to know what you think ...

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