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Recovery after AWE 2019 is finally over and its time to get back in the game. Big shoutout to chad and his team to organize this incredible event. AWE 2019 was by far my best marketing event I ever attended and I got so inspired by other eCommerce marketers that I decided to move some of my projects on the next level. That said, together with our team we agreed on the 100-day challenge with the one main goal — SCALE.

The point of this challenge is to scale as much as we can. Open all the biggest EU markets and set up processes that will help us achieve numbers we are looking for. To achieve this, we decided to move into a huge house named The Scaleship based in the middle of nowhere in Slovenia. We will be together 100 days and all three with the same end goal — SCALE.

In The Scaleship we have everything we need to make this happen. 80% of the product is developed in-house.

About The Challenge

Based on what I see in our Pinterest spy tool, I strongly believe personalization will be a big thing in the next couple of years. Personalized products are easy to sell but hard to copy.

In the last few months, we have set up a mechanical infrastructure, developed a product, tested a few creatives and generated 16,294.24€ in revenue with 259 orders and received insanely positive feedback from our customers. Marketing wise this was pretty much on auto-pilot, but it was complex from the technical point of view. Vesna and Zan did an amazing job here and now we just need to “spread the word”.

We will try to optimize our lives, workspace, and daily routine so that we will be the most productive and healthy as we can be.

Here is the plan for how we will achieve this:

  • Early wakeup club – 6am
  • Proper food and nutrition, without junk food
  • Without alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes
  • Proper fitness training and routine
  • Weekly plans and checking why we are not hitting our goals and what we can do to fix the situation
  • VERY FAST execution, from both Marketing and Development departments. MVP execution-style, fast experiments, and testing
  • Occasional BBQ and weekend relaxation, to rest our mind from scaling of the previous week
  • Sin ...

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