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First Native campaign

I am taking the iStack Native course with James Van Elswyk. So far, I have run a few test campaigns, with one getting a couple of conversions today. I shut down the other campaigns. Thought I would share data from this one campaign. Traffic source: MGID Geo: SE Asia Vertical: COD offer This campaign started […]

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Hey guys, i’ve been starting to see some success on Rev Content and i want to start exploring other sources of native traffic. How do and MGID compare? I know their traffic quality isn’t as good as RC, Taboola or Outbrain, but due to my niche, i dont have a lot of other options. […]

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Native COD follow along

Hi everyone, this is my first follow along on STM, I’ve been running COD(Cash On Delivery) offers on native for a few months. COD offers are easy to convert since it only requires customers to submit their name and phone number(and sometimes address). I am going to write down my progress for Asia COD campaigns […]

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🏄Wakeboarder Rides Into Native Waters 🏄

Hi STMers! 😎 In my first follow along (Wakeboarder Trying to Get Some POPs Working) I said I would like to move into native as soon as I get profitable and consistent with sweepstakes. Thanks to you many of you guys here, I’m happy to say I’m entering a new chapter in my AM carrier. […]

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(1) Year Of Native Stats [Top Ads 2017, Top Networks 2017, List of Top Referrers ]

Hey guys, hope you had a nice holiday 🙂 . I believe I’m not the only one to think that 2017 was an important year for Native advertising in general. It was the year during which Native Ads went viral and everyone tried to jump on the running train and a seat. So I wanted […]

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Thoughts on Yahoo’s Gemini?

For those of you unaware, Yahoo apparently operates one of the largest Native ad platforms called Gemini (yearly rev around 2.5 billion, which is far more than outbrain/revcontent/taboola combined). Unlike traditional networks where publishers are aggregated, yahoo serves all these ads in-house on their own sites. They own a bunch. Yahoo, tumblr, huffpo, etc Anyways, […]

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Make Natives Great Again! (Journey from the scratch)

Hello Everyone, I have just started a native campaign and decided that it would be good to have a follow along of the journey, and get insights from the experts here in STM. I had some good success in the past with POPs and have taken both the 6WAMC and the Native Masterclass. The goal […]

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Native Ads Cheat Sheet

Native Ads are the new kids on the block. So I thought I would put together a brief introduction to make your experience with them a lot friendlier. 1. Keep refreshing images. Most Native networks give a lot of weight to fresh content. Ads is best to be refreshed every 3-4 days 2. Always separate […]

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What’s HOT on Native These Days – $$$

The general lack of information concerning the affiliate marketing industry is caused by the high number of affiliate networks that are creating confusion on the best performing offers. It’s obvious everyone is tooting their horn. One sure way to overcome this is by using services that can provide real information on what’s really working. Instead […]

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MASTERMIND : Native Beginners in 2018

LET’S DO NATIVE DOMINATION! Hi Guys, I recently had some pretty decent days in POPs (thanks to the 6WAMC class – Huge thumbs up), and was able to hit $400/day profits. However, I’ve decided to switch to Native in order to make it a long term scalable revenue source. To be honest – I’m absolutely […]

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