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Traffic Types Definition – #2 – MOBILE

Welcome to the 2nd part of my mini-series that should help you understand the various traffic types you can work with as an affiliate marketer. The first part dealt with POP traffic and you can read it here : When we look at the forum sections, the one with the most people viewing the […]

Categories Mobile – NEW Mobile Carrier Monitor Tool – Exclusive STM Discount

Ladies and gents, after a lot of tweaking and testing I am happy to announce we are ready to open our doors to STM members! In the last two weeks we have worked really hard to make it hands down the best spy tool in the market. In the process we also changed names from […]

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How to do analytics and optimize campaigns on pop-traffic.

Hey guys! I wrote this article in my follow along, but as people often can not find it, I post this material in this thread. I want to say in advance that it’s only my opinion and my experience. I’m not saying that it’s an absolute truth. And sorry for my bad english. How is […]

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Running profitable POP campaigns using CPA cost model

In this topic we will talk about running POP traffic using CPA cost model. As you can know CPA – Cost Per Action. Therefore in this case we’ll pay for each lead. Looks easy, right? Don’t think so 🙂 Sources There are some sources which offer CPA cost model for advertisers. Some of them: Propellerads […]

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Mobile Subscription is NOT Dead

As most of you may know, 2018 was a difficult year in the mobile subscription / pin submit space. Lots of carrier complaints and other issues causing a notable downwards trend. While it’s down, it’s not out. Recent changes may have caused some to pivot to other areas paving way for less competition and greater […]

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Looking for Traffic Source & Network Recommendations

Greetings. I’m looking for some advice on some suitable traffic sources based on the following focus: Vertical & Niche: Sweepstakes/ Vouchers & ‘Enter to Win…’ Geo: Primarily Poland, Spain & Eastern Europe Ad Format: Mobile Pops I am mainly looking for suggestions based on the above focus paired with a consideration of quality + volume […]

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How To Build a Simple Mobile Lander That Actually Works

Second Part Now Uploaded! Read It Here. Anyone else here old enough to remember the 1999 era of web design? Half-supported standards, browsers with spectacularly funny quirks, absolutely no standard resolution whatsoever, oh, and half your audience is still on a 56k modem? Well, the good old days are here again – with mobile. Browser […]

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How to Launch Your Own App Idea and Make Bank Off iTunes

Hey guys, first thread here. Wanted to share some wisdom on creating your own apps. I have done app development for 2 years, had a couple apps break into the top charts. Looking to contribute to the forum and spread the knowledge around. Even before you pick your app idea one thing you should definitely […]

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Anyone running CPI campaigns?

Hi Evyeryone, I was wondering if anyone is doing CPI campaigns or used to? Would love to get some tips/guidance regarding which traffic source to use, vertical to tackle, pre landers to use, GEOs or anything that comes up to mind? Also, a simple “dont go there” would suffice…. 🙂 Thanks Y’all

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BACK BUTTON REDIRECTION ( where to redirect ? )

Hello guys! Currently I am using the back button script at my landing pages. My question is, where should I redirect the page visitor after they click on back button? To the same offer ? Different one? P.S. I am running mobile sweeps Thank you

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