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Binom — Tracker For Professionals [-90% STM coupon]

19235 Binom Story In year 2015 when iMobiTrax was already of poor quality, and Voluum is yet not good enough, me and my team run tons of cheap traffic to various utilities and sweeps. We heavy-heartedly paid $3000 for Voluum, but dreamed about our own tracker solution, which on one side would be cheaper, and […]

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Want To UNDERSTAND Tracking? Read This Now.

If you want to really understand how tracking works, you only need to understand three things. These three things will let you understand any tracker – not just affiliate trackers like Voluum or Prosper, but also traffic source tracking and affiliate network tracking like Cake. They all work the same way! This tutorial’s pretty long, […]

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The 4 Main Affiliate Marketing Trackers Review

The purpose of this article is to give you a review of the 4 most well-known affiliate tracking platforms in the market and to compare them qualitatively and quantitatively. These are all pretty well-established platforms in the market with a lot of experience in the industry. Voluum On STM: voluum One of the most popular […]

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Binom vs Bemob

Besides one being self hosted and the other isn’t has anyone used both and have any input? Looking to switch from voluum and looking for something with room to grow. I’ve narrowed it down to these two due to the voluum import feature.

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1 Weird Trick TO LOSE a Customer

Hi there STM Family. It has been a while. Right now I am totally fed up with Thrive, since Clickbooth’s takeover, the customer support has gone downhill, response times lacking, and I’ve experienced numerous situations where the server will go offline or some other issue will cause my campaigns not to track and load. Most […]

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Voluum Data Vs Propellerd ads

Hello, I got a camp in PropellerAds, and I have a doubt about how to interpret and understand the data. This is a Pop camp with 10 landers. Day One. PropellerAds : 6.025 impressions Voluum: 5.712 visits and 25.479 clicks. Day Two. PropellerAds: 4.010 impressions Voluum: 3.649 visits and 7,698 clicks. Impressions in PropperlerAds are […]

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Faster Way to Hide/Blank Referrer [Help]

Hey, So I have been using both Voluum and Adsbrige tracker and I have been using there “Hide referrer” option, as well as there “meta refresh options”. Both platforms work in terms of hiding the referrer and blanking it and what not, even changing it to a custom domain. My question is… What can I […]

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Advanced: How To Remove Tracking And Still Track Anyway

One well-known hack to pull a bit more ROI out of your campaigns, particularly mobile and pops, is to remove your tracking once you have the campaign dialled in, and just run traffic straight to the lander. That means that you get a faster response time from your campaign, which reliably increases ROI, often by […]

Categories Tracking Campaigns URL is being flagged as containing malware by antivirus software

Is anyone else have this problem? I am using a custom tracking domain. but the CNAME forwarding still must resolve at which is being flagged as containing malware by avast anitvirus.

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Best Tracking Software 2016?

And why? Would love to see more detailed comparisons of all the options. Update: Props to Thrive, FunnelFlux, Prosper202, Voluum and AdsBridge for chiming in on this thread. Awaiting others. Let’s hope this healthy competition drives them to make better, faster solutions. Update 2: See Amy’s in-depth review of the top 3 trackers from this […]

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