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[Braindump] 5 Years Worth of Aggregate Affiliate Marketing Notes

Over the years I’ve kept a running log of notes from blogs, forums, or conversations I found useful or wrote to myself. It’s about 70,000 words in a word doc. 9,000 in a Workflowy list. And I’ve distilled the most evergreen among them – about 2400 words – to share with you here, now. (Where […]

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In Memory of “Caurmen”

For those of you who aren’t aware, last night STM’s most loved and helpful member “Caurmen” passed away. Caurmen (Hugh Hancock) was literally the most thanked person on the forums. He can be directly credited to launching 100s if not 1000s of affiliate marketers careers. He allowed many to reach financial freedom so they could […]

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Affiliate Interview – My Trip To Russia

Привет стм Hi, Probably some of you already have seen one or another affiliate interview from Roman (ZorbasMedia). Well, now they caught me as well and I traveled to Russia for an interview about me and my affiliate life. I got asked for it the first time about a year ago but I rejected the […]

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How not to give up on Affiliate Marketing before you actually master it?

Affiliate Marketing pulls a TON of interest from people looking for ways to make money on the internet. This is a known fact and there is no need to argue about it. The sad fact is that only a fraction of them actually make it, majority gives up at one stage or another. This is […]

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How to Cut Placements, Landers and Banners – Part 2

If you want to know how to cut landers please see Part 1. ************************************************************* PART 2: How to Cut Unprofitable Banner and Placements ************************************************************* Often, we need to know how likely it would be for something to be profitable, or not, in the long run. Examples: 1)Getting traffic from a sh*tload of placements (i.e. sites/apps) […]

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REPORT: What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing in 2018

Every year for the past several years, STM Forum Administrator Hugh Hancock, known on the forums as “caurmen”, would put together a “What’s Working in ” post. And it would always receive lots of “Thanks” from members. He was the ideal person to write such a post, as he not only had extensive experience in […]

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Mation’s FB Case Study: 800k Revenue in 42 Days – 1 Campaign – 97% ROI

Hey everyone! Do I have a big treat for you all today! STM member David Atias, who you all know by his STM username “mation”, has generously divulged to me details on a big campaign he’s CURRENTLY running. He took a profitable campaign and turned it into a 6-figure campaign in 1 week by scaling […]

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4-figure Daily Profits With White Hat Viral Content Monetization

We’re living in a time of transition. With Facebook and Google making it harder to run blackhat campaigns a lot of affiliates are pushed to whitehat verticals if they want to be able to spend 4-5 figures daily budgets. But the problem we saw while testing new whitehat opportunities, especially in Ecom, was the amount […]

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Making Afflow/Monetizer Rain – Using 1 Optimization Tool

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to do a case study on how to use commercial automation tools to optimize pop campaigns. A couple of weeks back, I hit up Ervin and Losid from theOptimizer to gather some insight in preparation for the case study. During our conversation they mentioned a small test they […]

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How to run Sweepstakes on WEB traffic

Introduction I think it’s not a secret that POP traffic is the easiest and fastest way to achieve good profits, especially if you’re a newbie in AM. There are a lot of good POP sources where you can buy qualitative traffic for your offers. The best verticals for this type of traffic are: Pin-Submits and […]

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