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Super Affiliates – The #1 Skill For $$$$

I am curious in this one… For you guys that consistently are generating revenue through marketing – what is the #1 skill you’ve learned during the years that without it you would have a hard time making money? Media buying? Competitive intelligence Being techy Copywriting Or anything else? Interesting to see if there is a […]

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Death Of Affiliate Marketing?

Sorry about the Clickbait headline, but this is something you can’t ignore if you want to be in biz past 2019 This is a repost from comments I made in another thread, but it needs its own post in order to not hijack that one too much. Plus we all need to talk and I […]

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CHEATSHEET: DOs and DON’Ts of Optimisation

Optimisation. It’s hard, but that’s because it’s key. Here are 14 tips and a bunch of resources to help you get from “I think this campaign has promise” to “I’m buying my next Lamborghini now”. Optimisation: Dos and Don’ts 1) DON’T just go with your gut (unless you’re a stone-cold expert). Unless you’re a Stackman- […]

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Mundomedia refuses to pay 11.5k $

Hello everyone, until this moment I was in read-only mode and I apologize that I have to post my first thread with a problem. I was faced with the fact that Mundomedia refuses to pay me 11.5k $. In November-December 2017, I began to send native traffic to casino offers on a recommendation from my […]

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Free trial offers about to take a hit?

Mastercard will stop free trials from automatically billing you once they’re over. Plus, merchants will be required to send you monthly updates. Mastercard announced a new policy today for merchants who retain your card information after you sign up for a free trial. Soon, Mastercard will require those merchants to request an official authorization for […]

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How To: Manual Spying

Nowadays most people (me included) use Adplexity to spy competitors or to get landing pages. The big advantage of using spyservices is that you get many stats about the campaigns. You can see for how long they run, on what networks, if they receive high or low volume and so on. All these things you […]

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Diversifying From Paid Traffic – and My SEO Story

I’ve recently come across several posts/PMs asking the same question (and even one member who asked when we met during AWA): How to hedge volatility in this business? How to turn affiliate campaigns into long-term assets? So I thought I’d write a post with my thoughts. My Early SEO Days As many of you know, […]

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[Braindump] 5 Years Worth of Aggregate Affiliate Marketing Notes

Over the years I’ve kept a running log of notes from blogs, forums, or conversations I found useful or wrote to myself. It’s about 70,000 words in a word doc. 9,000 in a Workflowy list. And I’ve distilled the most evergreen among them – about 2400 words – to share with you here, now. (Where […]

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Anyone Tried Linkedin Traffic?

Previously I tried running a few campaigns on Linkedin ads with no luck. I just couldn’t make their high CPCs work. However recently I’ve been messing around with Linkedin organic traffic (through posts). The LI algorithm recently updated, which also seems very easy to manipulate. On my first try, I was able to get 350,000+ […]

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4-figure Daily Profits With White Hat Viral Content Monetization

We’re living in a time of transition. With Facebook and Google making it harder to run blackhat campaigns a lot of affiliates are pushed to whitehat verticals if they want to be able to spend 4-5 figures daily budgets. But the problem we saw while testing new whitehat opportunities, especially in Ecom, was the amount […]

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