So yeah, the big question is what are the best affiliate marketing verticals/campaigns to start with as a newbie on Facebook. Ideally you would say go for a white hat approach so you have to worry less about losing your account. On the other hand, white hat campaigns (and thereby a white hat approach regarding ads/text) are harder to convert and thereby not so easy to make them profitable. Since you are a newbie, it’s also likely you have a limited budget.

White hat vs. black hat
Black hat campaigns in general have a more agressive sales approach, with pages which are full optimized, which makes them easier to convert. Not only it will get you into green faster, also just the feeling of having some conversions already gives you a boost of trust and confidence.

First, let’s breakdown some possible white verticals to run;
– ecommerce (could be Zalando, could be gadgets like the flashlights etc)
– insurances/finance (funeral, mortgages, loans)
– travel (, travel agencies, niche trips)
– automotive (testdrives)
– charity (finding donors for Greenpeace, WNF etc) – one of the biggest performance lead gen companies in the world is going big on this
– tech/it (hosting/domain providers, cloud solutions, software, add-ons, utilit ...

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