Lately I’ve been receving a lot of questions from people wondering how can they
use AdPlexity up to it’s full potential. Finally we’ve come up with a tutorial which
will help you become an ad spying ninja 🙂

First, welcome to AdPlexity and congratulations for taking action!

What is AdPlexity and how can I use it for maximum results?

AdPlexity is a competitive intelligence tool for mobile, native and adult ads. Often
it’s believed that competitive intelligence tools are used to simply copy/paste
winning campaigns which will be profitable straight away when »plugged« into a
traffic source.

This is not true because the person that runs that campaign for a few weeks usually
has an edge :

1) He might be running an offer you don’t have access to

2) Even if you have access to that offer, he probably had his payout bumped

3) He already blacklisted non-converting placements, device types, OS
versions etc

Okay so why do I need AdPlexity then?

You should use other people’s work as an inspiration and go from there. It’s not a
secret that a lot of people copy stuff from fellow advertisers/affiliates, but the
most successful ones always tweak banners and/or landing pages they find on

Before we jump straight into how to find profitable campaigns, we will do a quick
walkthrough through all the functions of the tool.

Search modes

By keyword

In the ad itself – Search for a keyword in the ad title/description. This feature
works only for native and text ads (mobile).

On the landing page -Search for ads with the desired keyword on the landing page
(for example, »Hola Launcher«, »Garcinia« or any other product/offer name)

By advertiser


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