Oh Fuck.

Now I’ve done it.

I fucking started another Follow Along. I promise to give your money back on this one too. And you’ll still be more profitable than me.

Who the fuck jumps from Pops, the cheapest traffic on the planet, to Native, the most expensive traffic on the planet?

I do.

No one ever accused me of being smart.

First, I’ll clear up 3 things about Native for you right now:

1) It’s fucking expensive.

Really. Fucking. Expensive.

You thought that $0.05 CPC you were paying for US/DE on push? Fuck that, you’re paying 10x or more on Native.

2) However, the quality is really good.

Even with my shitty lander at 10-15% CTR in the US, the consistent CR on some placements is like 10%. Overall CR is 2-3% and that’s including all my shitty placements of 0%. You’ll see below.

3) It’s fucking expensive.

So, let’s take a look at how much damage I was able to do in two weeks.

If you care about the offer, it’s the $14 auto insurance one everybody and their dog is running. You know the one.

First, we’ll check Revcontent. The ‘easier’ of the two.

I should note that I created an account there 2 years ago, never used it and it got deactivated. So when I tried to create a new account, it got flagged and I couldn’t add any payment methods until I proved I wanted to blow tons of money on dumb shit. I obliged and sent them $100 by wire transfer as a bribe. They accepted. Then all of my cards magically worked.

Anyway, some blood for you:

Holy Jesus, we are off to a fantastic start.

To be fair:

Some of these placements are profitable.

So the offer and my lander and my creatives do something. That’s amazing.

Especially since I had to set up a special LP pixel for Binom and magically get that working without going through the tracker.

Yes, I’m using Binom for Native.

I also fucked u ...

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