Since the success of the first “What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing” report last year, I’ve been wanting to come up with more ways to collaborate with industry leaders to achieve a win-win-win, where:

-STM can provide more value to members.
-Members can get more value from their STM subscription.
-Vendors and super-affiliates can get more exposure (and thus more business, or more traffic to their blogs).

Since one of the most popular FAQs of all time is:

“Which vertical should I choose and how can I master it?”

I thought it would be beneficial to write a guide for every popular vertical – starting with the sweepstakes vertical, as it’s one of the most popular verticals for newbies and veterans alike.

At first I wanted to write this guide myself.

But because it’s been a couple years since I last ran sweeps, I’d have to get back into the vertical and do some massive testing before I’d be able to write a comprehensive guide. That would take too long.

Remembering what we did to produce the “What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing in ” reports, I got thinking: Why not just interview industry experts and compile all the advice?

That way it’d be fast and efficient, and more importantly, we’d benefit from the diverse experience from different areas of expertise – e.g. aff networks vs. advertiser vs. affiliates, pop/push vs. FB vs. email, etc.

So I set out to contact super-affiliates, affiliate networks, and direct advertisers that have a main/sole focus in this offer vertical, to “get the dirt” on how to maximize success with these offers.

Everyone I’ve had the honor of interviewing has been most generous with their tips – words can’t express how appreciative I am for giving me their time and knowledge. Some of them I ...

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