What’s up STMers! I guess many of you know that I’ve been busy for about a year now with this little piece of daily goodness called WHAT THE AFF.

One of the most popular asks from readers was to start a podcast soooo… we did! It’s called the Stacked Marketing Show because the goal is to stack the marketing odds in your favour, get it? (not associated with STM, by the way!).

In case you’ve missed the first 2 episodes, you can check them out below.

Also, yes, still more work to be done when it comes to production. The focus is very much on content, bringing experts to discuss the latest and most important topics that are newsworthy from our industry.

Episode 1 – 7 Figure Lessons With Push Traffic from Andrew Payne

I sat down with one of the biggest and best-known push traffic affiliates out there – Andrew Payne, aka Mr Payne.

As I said, the idea behind this project is to bring on experts to go in depth on the latest news and trends of the industry. Push is certainly THE trend in affiliate marketing so it was only fitting to start with this.

Check out the 50-minute chat I had with Andrew below. We talk about:

  • Pros and cons of push networks vs building your own list
  • LTV and churn rate for push
  • The threats t ...

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