Not very often I try to help and support starting mediabuyers to make decent money via sweeps on Facebook. Since budgets are most of time not that big for a starter I am taking them back to the basics. No cost on spytools, tracking software or other “unnecessary” costs, just mediabuy spend! A method I am fancying for about 5 years now and still is relevant to the affiliate marketing business.

This person had some experience with FB ad manager and running campaigns for companies. She quit her job, I took her by hand and we started around Q4 – 2017.

– 1 account
– fb ad manager
– cake login of advertiser

– fresh and clean domain – > hosting the survey prelander (4 simple questions regarding groceries/shopping)
– after the 4 questions, CTA button containing affiliate link

This way you can put the fresh domain link in FB ad manager, which never will be blocked or raise flags from start ...

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