This is the first post in the “AM Insights” serie and hopefully many more will follow.

We start with Stijn from Gotzha.

I´m really thankful that he took the time to answer all my questions and I am very happy with the outcome 🙂

It´s great to read about what he recommends for beginners from his perspective and I pretty much agree with him there.

But it´s also very interesting to read about the other things from the affiliate managers side because usually we only see it from the affiliates side.

Alright, as I said todays interview is with Stijn from Gotzha so it would be great to know a bit about him.

Please tell a few words about you (how long are you in the industry, what´s your position, what things in affiliate marketing were you doing and such things)

I’ve started working with Gotzha as affiliate manager since its foundation in 2016.
It was my first job and I was a complete rookie in affiliate marketing.
I’ve grown to become the manager of our Bangkok sales team and right now I’m still in Thailand and in this wonderful industry for a bit more than 4 years.

At first some general information about Gotzha.
What verticals do you have and what verticals do you recommend for beginners to start with and why do you recommend it?

Our main verticals are sweepstakes (SOI/CC), utilities (mobile/web), nutra, dating and gambling.
We are pretty flexible in what verticals we open though, if there is a good opportunity to open up new offers in different verticals we d ...

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