The story so far…

I’ve known about affiliate marketing for a while now. However, I never took the dive to spending the money, setting up the infrastructure and running campaigns. My goal with this follow along is to use it as a running log to my first profitable campaign. I’ll try and update it on weekly basis any other frequency would inhibit my ability to work on revenue generating activities.

But, to skip ahead I set aside about 2k to spend on traffic and have the fixed costs covered with my job. This is about 358 per month.

I started going through vortex’s tutorial and am now in the testing offers and landing page portion.

Here’s a quick rundown of my infrastructure. It took me 2 or 3 weeks to get everything running smoothly but it’s running like a dream now.


  1. Tracking

    1. Binom installed on Digital Ocean droplet it took a few installs and banging my head against the wall with domain redirects to get this right
  2. Hosting & Distribution

    1. Amazon S3 -again banged my head against the wall ALLOT between the bucket polices domain names etc. But now I’ve got a nice little S3 bucket with directories for my working LP’s and it works that’s all that matters!
    2. File transf ...

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