Every year for the past several years, STM Forum Administrator Hugh Hancock, known on the forums as “caurmen”, would put together a “What’s Working in ” post. And it would always receive lots of “Thanks” from members.

He was the ideal person to write such a post, as he not only had extensive experience in affiliate marketing, but he also talked to a great many people in the industry on a regular basis – online as well as at conferences and local meetups – which had kept him up-to-date on the current pulse of the affiliate marketing industry.

Unfortunately for both STM and the rest of the world, our beloved Hugh passed away suddenly in February this year – as he was about to attend the STM local meetup in London.

So, with Hugh gone, we decided to take up the task of writing the “What’s Working” post for this year – year 2018 – in his honor.

And, to make Hugh proud, we decided to make this one even bigger than all the previous ones.

We wanted to turn this into a real community collaboration.

W ...

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