Since Native is pretty new to me thought I’d start a follow along and get some criticism if I’m doing anything wrong. Not sure how dedicated I’ll be to updating this as things might get busy on my other projects. Anyhow steps I’ve taken thus far:

#1 – Speak to and ask around about Native to come up with a strategy and choose vertical
So as you can see I’ve posted around and also reached out to some people for insights as well as speak to my affiliate manager a ton. Long story short I plan to run dating SOI on Native. Reason being that:

  • I’ve run dating before with some success so have an idea of what I’m doing
  • Its an evergreen vertical so would be nice if I can figure it out
  • SOI payouts are low enough for me to not break the bank in testing and be able to learn a few things
  • Spying and speaking to people tells me that this should be viable, though how scaleable it is could be questionable (given the low payouts or need to wait for payout bumps etc.)

#2 – Choose traffic source on Native
Since I use Voluum, I thought it would be easiest to use Voluum DSP. I’m a fan of automation features so gene ...

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