These days, getting top payouts is one of the key factors to success when running adult dating campaigns. Getting a paybump can literaly turn a loosing campaign into a profit making machine.

The thing I see with new affiliates a lot, is the confusion about the possible bumps they can expect. I got this question asked a lot, and I remember very well how I crawed some easy to understand info with numbers when I was starting out. So I decided to share my first hand experience with paybumps in adult dating when promoting these offers through affiliate networks.

You start with base payouts, also called street payouts. It works like this in the background – an advertiser makes a deal with an affiliate network, setting a fixed price per lead delivered. The aff network takes a share, usually between 5%-20% and the rest is the street payout you will get, when starting with that particular offer. Sometimes its also a revshare deal between the advertiser and the aff network, but lets stick with the fixed rate example so we dont make this complicated.

1. The first pay bump you can get, is when the volume looks promising for the aff network and they are willing to share part ...

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