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Combine Your Whole Data With This 1 Weird Trick

Hi guys, In recent days we discussed in @jaybot FA about the problem with combining data. On Voluum but probably also different trackers there are limits. Sometimes we also lose data because of data retention. Sometimes we can get only 30 days max. @diplomat advised to use AWS tools to join all data but I […]

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Christmas Gift: Propeller Ads Pops Whitelist

Ho ho ho, Santa twinaxe is in the house and has a gift for you 🙂 Today I will give you one of my pop whitelists for Propeller Ads. Here are some infos about it: The zones are collected from a campaign that I started to run few months ago and kept running for quite […]

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ZEROPARK – Get an extra $100 for your Push/Pop/Domain ads

Hey there, Looking for a quality Push, Pop or Domain traffic platform? We’ve got what you need. If you’re new to the platform or haven’t tried us in a while, now is the best time to hop on board. Why? 🤔 Because if you create your account now and use the code “STM” on the […]

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1 Weird Trick to A Successful Native Follow Along

***Copying my Follow-Along from another forum to this forum*** In the spirit of running native traffic, I figured I’d make up a funny follow along title. Been lurking around this forum and MadSociety forum for about a month now just to get re-acclimated to the affiliate marketing scene and to understand tracking and all that […]

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Campaign Guide: Finance Survey Feed (with a gift)

Unluckily it seems that the BR casino offer from my last guide doesn´t accept new affiliates at the moment. There were some discussions recently about the “Finance Survey Feed” offers from Zeydoo so I thought a guide how to run these offers could be nice for all of you who can´t run the casino offer […]

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Car Loans vertical – $115,445 in 14 days | Facebook

Today I would like to reveal some details about how to run another white hat lead generation offer – Car Loans. This article is to attract your attention to other verticals and offers, because, it seems, everyone is running auto now, it became super competitive. Traffic source: facebook Duration: 14 days and keep running Revenue: […]

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Can I Make a Profitable Offer Work on Voluum DSP?

Been running an offer on Pinterest at about 100% ROI, but since I have yet to tame their algorithm, I can’t scale it the way I would like to. So I decided to give native a try Set up everything on Voluum, didn’t have the tracking right at first (I think it has since been […]

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The Least Exciting Native FA You Will Ever Read… Guaranteed!

Oh Fuck. Now I’ve done it. I fucking started another Follow Along. I promise to give your money back on this one too. And you’ll still be more profitable than me. Who the fuck jumps from Pops, the cheapest traffic on the planet, to Native, the most expensive traffic on the planet? I do. No […]

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After giving up on AM we just made $1MM of Profit in 53 days!

Exactly 20 months ago my partner and I gave up on Affiliate Marketing. After hitting the first 5 figure „profit“ month we got hit with the hard reality – “The advertiser won’t pay” reality. We pushed mad ad spend on a new network we worked with. As we were beginners, we literally maxed out our […]

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HOW TO optimize a campaign step by step – this is one of my methods.

There has been a lot of threads and posts asking for optimization methods and what is the right way to do it. So instead of replying to the same question in multiple threads, let me explain one of my methods here and let’s keep the related discussion in this thread too. I will include answers […]

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