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Recommended for you: Hot Single Ladies on Native

Since Native is pretty new to me thought I’d start a follow along and get some criticism if I’m doing anything wrong. Not sure how dedicated I’ll be to updating this as things might get busy on my other projects. Anyhow steps I’ve taken thus far: #1 – Speak to and ask around about Native […]

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Hey Guys, Rob Gryn here, founder of As of late, we’ve become one of the largest redirect ad networks in the world with more traffic flowing through our system than most of our competitors could even dream of handling without their servers exploding. As well as aggregated traffic we have quite a few exclusive […]

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Classifieds + Online Surveys = 90% CR

Today I want to share a quickie with you that I posted on my blog few days ago. It´s no long story and nothing spectacular. But it shows that you can have good success when you get little bit creative with what you do. Few years ago I was running some campaigns for online survey […]

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How I Made $XXX,XXX Profit On FB Direct Linking (Blackhat But No Cloaking)

Some of you may already read some comments at the Facebook vs Pin Submit discussions about Facebook Advertising for VIP Response. I have been doing FB advertising (self-employed) for over 5 years now, mainly on insurances and finance. Facebook seems to be a tough b*tch when it comes to pin submits. However I would like […]

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New Tool: Lets You Apply to Lots of Aff Networks By Pushing 1 Button

UPDATE January 2019: We’re looking to add more networks to the tool! For details please see: Are you a newbie needing to get into more affiliate networks? Gotten rejected by networks in the past? Afraid of being rejected again? Here’s your solution! Introducing….the Central Vendor Application System: How to use the tool: 1)You […]

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Free Landing Page protection script {Download}

First of all, a happy 2019 to Everyone! I have decided to start the year with a bang and share my landing page protection script. This script redirects an x percentage of traffic to another url when someone rips your lander. The script is hidden in a standard jquery file and is very simple to […]

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ZERO To $ Months With ECOM Hybrid Model (🐔Chicken Nuggets Inside)

Hey STMers As i promised in my other thread HERE i wanted to create a FA where i document the journey. First some pre-info I recommend to read the thread i linked above. It’s how i try to take a brand to the GREEN SIDE. A brand thats been raping me in terms of time […]

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From the dark → WHITE side. How did start to run WH – $303,000/mo revenue on Facebook

Hi, STM-ers you may know me from some other posts: I would like to tell you about my journey and how I managed to jump from BH Facebook traffic to WH leadgen. I used to run BH traffic a lot since the beginning of 2017 and run it on pretty big […]

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The New Revcontent Platform

Q4 starts tomorrow……if you’re spending money for the holidays on native traffic and you haven’t given been on the NEW Revcontent in the past few months, you’re doing your biz a massive disservice. We know some have had bad experiences or bad traffic in the past – but we’re getting feedback DAILY like this…. “We’re […]

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CHEATSHEET: Do’s and Don’ts for Adult Traffic

To add to our collection of handy cheat-sheets, here is one I made for adult traffic. Note: Consider this an evolving list to help the new people, feel free to add suggestions. Offer Types To Use : 1. Adult : Dating, PIN Submits (content billing), Cams, Get-Laid info products, Penis pills, Paid Sites … 2. […]

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