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How I Built My Own 100%+ ROI Push Database With 31 Million Subscribers

How I Built My Own 100%+ ROI Push Database With 31 Million Subscribers 21184 I published this guide late at night and will do a final check/polish the following morning. So, if you are reading this now, please forgive me in advance for any spelling or grammar mistakes you may find! 
So you’ve been hearing […]

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7-figure Affiliate Marketer, 8-figure Facebook advertiser, 9-figure Ecom guy 💰

Did the headline grab your attention? Because I’m a decent copywriter too. After I lost my corporate job in 2009 (and at the time, what felt like losing my whole life), I fell into depression. Couldn’t pay the bills, new baby just born and no one was hiring because the world was in recession. I […]

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CHEATSHEET: Do’s and Don’ts for Adult Traffic

To add to our collection of handy cheat-sheets, here is one I made for adult traffic. Note: Consider this an evolving list to help the new people, feel free to add suggestions. Offer Types To Use : 1. Adult : Dating, PIN Submits (content billing), Cams, Get-Laid info products, Penis pills, Paid Sites … 2. […]

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$150k spend from 1acc | How does managing comments can increase your CR

If you were ever running Facebook campaigns I bet you’ve experienced sudden conversions drop and CPC increase on your ads. One day you were generating +200% ROI and the next day you’re at -50% level. This can be very frustrating as you need to set up new ad sets and gradually scale them to get […]

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Simple tutorial to enable SSL/HTTPS for Free for Amazon Route 53/Cloudfront combo

a simple tutorial to set up https/ssl with amazon route 53, cloudfront support https out of the box, so all you need to do is request a certificate for your domains, and tell route 53 and cloudfront to use it. step 1. request a free certificate go to amazon AWS certification Manager, you can request […]

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Quit my job for affiliate marketing today! $100 to $XX,XXX profit monthly in 2016

Today May 4th 2016, sitting here in Toronto, Ontario Canada (Yup Canadian Here!) – and I just decided to quit my fulltime job of 8 years to grow my affiliate marketing business! Here is my story… Like many of you affiliate marketers I was trying to make 2 income streams, one from a full time […]

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Programming For Non-Programmer Affiliates, pt 1: Echoing Tracking Parameters

OK. It’s time. Time to tackle one of the questions that we get most frequently, and one of the things that many affiliates fear, struggle with, or just plain avoid like hell. How to learn to program. This is the first in a series of tutorials that will teach you the basics of programming in […]

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How To Build a Simple Mobile Lander That Actually Works

Second Part Now Uploaded! Read It Here. Anyone else here old enough to remember the 1999 era of web design? Half-supported standards, browsers with spectacularly funny quirks, absolutely no standard resolution whatsoever, oh, and half your audience is still on a 56k modem? Well, the good old days are here again – with mobile. Browser […]

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Binom Tracker – Discount for STM Members

Have you ever heard about Binom Tracker? 19710 19713 If no, then you should definitely check our thread here. Long story short – Binom is one of the best self-hosted trackers and we are happy to provide all STM members our special offer: free license for the first month and 60% discount for the second! […]

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Adnium Introduces Premium Members Area Traffic RTB Auction!

Hello everyone — I have some exciting news to share regarding a new way to monetize premium adult dating traffic. Now, for the first time ever, Adnium ( is making Real Time Bidding possible on Members Area traffic from some of the best membership sites on the planet including: Dating Gold, Adult Friend Finder, Xpickup, […]

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