A certain trend has been poppin up at the STM forum, what bothers me a bit for several reasons (no offense, take it as a tip). Maybe this helps out newbies to discourage them jumping into AM, or open their eyes so they see it’s a real thing. Excuse me for being a douche or such, at the end I am here to save the world and bring worldpeace yarrr know!

Average newbie step-by-step road to failure;
1. Newbies signing up to STM to get to know affiliate marketing
2. Newbie reads one or two guides of caurmen/vortex/zeno/matuloo/mr green etc
3. Newbie rips landers of Adplexity (or other sneaky tool)
4. Newbie starts a Follow Along – going in hoping to hit the jackpot ofcourse – with some fancy/catchy title (mostly about getting rich fast)
5. Newbie asking all type of questions without really having a direction
6. Performance sucks, never measure what’s really lacking during the campaign, newbie getting disc ...

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