(DISCLAIMER: Please read the TOS of each free image site to find out the respective usage terms before using an image in your ads. Neither myself nor STM can be held responsible if anyone infringes on usage rights or copyrights in any way.)

Just chanced upon this amazing list of public domain image sites:


I’ve used a chrome extension called “Link Klipper” to extract all the links into an excel file:


Moreover: I’ve compiled a list of free image sites for general, non-niche-specific free images. This list is a combination of 3 sources:

-Matuloo’s list in this post: https://stmforum.com/forum/showthread.php?34300-Where-to-get-images-for-your-Ads-Landing-Pages-or-Sites-2017-Edition

-Shishev’s list in this post: https://stmforum.com/forum/showthread.php?24449-STM-s-Design-Resources-(lots-of-links)

-Sites listed in the wikipedia page above under the “General Collections” section.

The list is here:


Secret Tip: How to Search for Images on ALL Sites at Once

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Here’s a shortcut I built using Google’s Custom Search Engine, that will allow you do a SINGLE search to find pictures across almost a ...

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