While running eCommerce on Facebook is becoming more and more attractive for affiliates, that is still hard to crack down due to high budget requirements. On the other side, even though Pop/Redirect traffic is known to be one of the traffic types with less or even no user intent at all it is still converting pretty well for affiliates.

With the rise of automation, campaigns optimization is becoming easier than ever, so why not dare to Make Pop Traffic Great Again? Let’s gradually see the progress and results in this follow along.

Here’s a brief overview of this campaign’s details:

GEO: United States
Vertical: Sweepstakes
Traffic Source: PopAds
Spy Tools: Adplexity Mobile
Tracking: Voluum
Hosting: VPS Server

Finding the offer: This time again my source of choice to find winning offers remains Adplexity. From the search results, I picked up 3 landers and 3 Win iPhone offers where I was able to quickly gain access to and continue with landers cleanup to start the campaign.

Campaign Setup: Simple Voluum path. Starting with two tested landers (google & facebook themed) and three offers.

Traffic targeting: The one thing I like PopAds the most is it’s granular targeting (and later on you’ll see why), but because I still have no data and the campaign will start with raw traffic the setup is pretty simple.
Freq. Cap: 1 view / 24 h
Quality: All websites
Country: United Stats
Devices: All smart phones and tablets (Android and IOS)

Because lately I’ve been running in an extremely tight schedule it was impossible for me to start this follow along earlier and post campaign’s results progressively since after day 1, but we’ll see first days progress when scaling to the next traffic source 🙂

Automation rules:
1. Paus ...

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