This is the second Lesson in the “How to run adult traffic in 2019” guide.

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Lesson 2: How to choose your first vertical and offer to promote?

Ok, welcome back to my “2019 Adult traffic tutorial“, let’s move on with another lesson.

By now, you already know what the situation in Adult looks like in 2019 and you also know what kind of tools you need in order to start running adult traffic. The next step would be to decide on what you are going to promote.

There are several options, some are better suited for newbies than others, so let’s go over the basic ones right now.

Note: For this lesson, I asked Diana from (an adult dating affiliate network that gladly works with newbies!) to share some insights with me. Especially about what GEOs perform well now in general, and what offer types deliver the most revenue. I always love to get this figures from a network, since they see the data of other affiliates, which I don’t have access to… and that helps to paint the full picture.


Adult as an industry offers a lot of ways to make money with, but not all of them are suitable for paid traffic promotions (at least not the general stuff you can buy from networks), so let’s focus on just those verticals that have been proven to convert general tube traffic decently.

This leaves us with a bit limited options:

Dating: the biggest vertical for paid traffic campaigns, period.
LiveCams: these can work like a charm, but you need to focus on revshare, which is not exactly newbie friendly.
Paid Membership Sites: in some cases these can work, but you ...

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