There has been a lot of threads and posts asking for optimization methods and what is the right way to do it. So instead of replying to the same question in multiple threads, let me explain one of my methods here and let’s keep the related discussion in this thread too. I will include answers to some of the questions posted in other threads too.

This method is based on cutting the WORST elements one by one. It works the best with low paying offers, because we need a larger amount of conversions in order to really be able to spot the weak parts of the campaign.

I started to use this method when I realized it’s not a good idea to cut placements in the early phase of the optimization, because it almost always resulted in minimum volume and low revenue. I was able to get nice ROI but I was making pennies.

Since I’m buying mostly banner traffic, I will also use it in this thread. You can still use this method when running POPs, just ignore the parts where I talk about banners.

The method has a few steps :

1. The first thing we need to do is to make sure we are not buying fake/BOT traffic or traffic that is simply too expensive to possibly turn profit. To judge this, you need to have some experience with the possible offer performance so you can make a ROUGH estimate of EPV (earning per visit).

Example: If I know that an offer is highly unlikely to convert better than 1:50 and the payout is $1, I cannot buy clicks that are more expensive than $1/50=2 cents. Otherwise I can’t be profitable. I also know that I can increase the CVR somewhat by optimization or find a better offer, ...

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