Nowadays most people (me included) use Adplexity to spy competitors or to get landing pages.
The big advantage of using spyservices is that you get many stats about the campaigns.

You can see for how long they run, on what networks, if they receive high or low volume and so on.

All these things you can´t see from manual spying.

There you can only see what´s running.

But nontheless manual spying is better in some cases.
I found some very good landers through manualy spying that I never saw on Adplexity.

But manual spying won´t work for all your campaigns.
Carrier billing offers are harder to spy on because there you mostly get redirected when you don´t use the targeted carrier.

You can use services like Geo Edge but here I will show how to spy manually only with WiFi connection.

The Toolkit

To spy manually you need few things.

– Browser
– User Agent Switcher
– Open in Multiple locations

Browser is clear, of course you need it to browse online.
In my example I will use Chrome because it´s the most used browser but it will work with any other browser as well.

Then you need a plugin to change your User Agent.

That way you can appear to be on a different operating system or a different browser.

As you know, some campaigns only target specific browsers or so.
When you change the User Agent you can spy on such campaigns as well.

Then you need a VPN to check campaigns from different countries.

And last but not l ...

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