Today I would like to reveal some details about how to run another white hat lead generation offer – Car Loans. This article is to attract your attention to other verticals and offers, because, it seems, everyone is running auto now, it became super competitive.

Traffic source: facebook
Duration: 14 days and keep running
Revenue: $115,445

This time I was recommended to run a car loan offer. It was a surprise for me that the best GEO is CA, not the U.S. The payout is $28 for approved lead. This a classic leadgen offer where a potential lead needs to follow and fill the survey.

The best option is to use images from Instagram with a new/used cars from car dealerships

I don’t know why but images worked way much better in comparison with videos.

Ask your account manager for the best targeting, it really matters. It was Victoria from ConvertingTeam who provided ...

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