Some of you may already read some comments at the Facebook vs Pin Submit discussions about Facebook Advertising for VIP Response. I have been doing FB advertising (self-employed) for over 5 years now, mainly on insurances and finance. Facebook seems to be a tough b*tch when it comes to pin submits. However I would like you guys to show some insights on how to make good profit on FB with pin submits. Some luck is needed too by the way 😉

Important notes v1.
– no cloaking involved
– no prelanders involved
– just direct linking (ad → click → campaign page)

So, what do we need to start;
– a FB account, warmed up and war ready!
– branded pin submit campaign, in my case mainly UK, IE and AU. For example Tesco or Marks & Spencer

Setting up the ad
Create a new Facebook fan-page, relevant to the brand. This part makes the ad thrustworthy and is key to make the campaign profitable. For example; TescoShopping. Could be risky yes, but very much needed.

First, I come up with a good title/header, around 7 words, to catch the attention of the consumer. For example; Why Not Compete For a €500 Tesco Voucher? It doesn’t have to be agressive, just a plain simple h ...

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