Yoooooo guys!

I’m happy to share after a long time with you something that I believe you might find useful. 🙂

There is quite some noise around TikTok lately and I do believe on a long term it could be a great traffic source for eCom products.

Last month I literally spent a few days on TikTok just lurking and thinking how to make something useful for one on our eCom product.

I’m coming from Slovenia and even the most popular TikTokers are not earning any money.

With that in mind, I texted the most popular guy and offered him 125EUR if he make one video with our product. After he received the product, he get back to us with the video in 24h. Actually, he send me 3 videos. 😀

The next day I’ve uploaded his raw video in Facebook Ads Manager and I was obvious from the beginning the ad was a winner.

This ad has only good comments and people really find it funny which is great for our brand.

In first 3 days the ad generated 50+ orders at 25% ...

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