Hey guys,

I’ve just joined this forum and I thought I would start with a bang. To celebrate, I’ve decided to share with you an exact campaign that’s making over $1,000 profit per day RIGHT NOW on push traffic with sweepstakes (CC submit).

Below you will find all the details about the campaign: push notification image, optimized copy (and the psychology behind it), dummy-proof optimized lander, and offer examples.

Without further ado, get ready to copy-paste this campaign and make bank starting today!

GEO: This campaign targets Denmark. While the population of the country is fairly low, this is a rich country so offers have a good payout.

ANGLE: For this campaign we are using the postal services of the country. In the case of Denmark, “PostNord“. Most people trust the company that delivers their letters, and by using a sweet little trick in the ad copy, we get crazy high click-through rate.

TRAFFIC SOURCE: This campaign is currently running on 3 traffic sources: Zeropark, Megapush, and AdMaven. Megapush is delivering the highest ROI, followed by AdMaven, and finally Zeropark.

PUSH NOTIFICATION IMAGE: The image that we use as a baseline is fairly simple: a white enveloppe on a blue background. This is the color scheme of PostNord. Check with your rep at the traffic source to see if they allow using the PostNord logo directly in the push notification. (Zeropark doesn’t allow it, but Megapush and AdMaven might allow it on ...

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