Hi, STM-ers you may know me from some other posts:

I would like to tell you about my journey and how I managed to jump from BH Facebook traffic to WH leadgen. I used to run BH traffic a lot since the beginning of 2017 and run it on pretty big volumes. My verticals were: crypto, casino, pin submits and sweepstakes, it was just normal to get ROI as high as 200-600%. I even reached the level when I asked advertisers to create custom-made offers for me.

I got my accounts from some farmers, then I famed them by myself and rent from real users. But as you may know, Facebook had few stages of kicking BH affiliate asses. The first one was in March’19 – when all the crypto got banned, and it was really hard to run it on big volumes. And the angles everybody used before appeared to be suspicious for Facebook robots and failed a moderation. Facebook’s robots also started to recognize celebrities and it was another strike. Then Facebook started to sweep all the farmed accounts, I know this for sure cause I used to lost hundreds of them on a weekly basis.

I always wanted to create a solid business based on Facebook traffic. Business requires solid planning, creating financial forecasts, roadmaps ...

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