Today was my first $2500 rev day, 9pm here in California so may climb to 3k, but we’ll see. I have clients with my card service that do 10x+ this on a daily basis so it really puts it into perspective, but feels good to have beaten my personal high score. This is all FB rev – ROI I haven’t calculated exactly but it’s somewhere around 100-120%.

Lessons learned along the way..

– Test, test, test.

– Find AM’s you trust and listen to what they say. The above is mostly from one offer, something I really wasn’t interested in when I first heard about it, but decided to give it a go anyways. There’s room to at least double if not triple this rev on a daily basis for this one offer/geo alone.

– Cultivate relationships, connections make everything much easier and camaraderie boosts moral.

– Keep launching accounts ...

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