Hi guys,

sry that I reach ot but we are working for three weeks now on a huge problem, which we kind of don’t get solved.

Situation: We use around 1000 Fake FB accounts to farm our own organic traffic (no media buying…just posting links on our walls – cloaked of course).


Windows VPS machines
Automatisation Software (Massplaner (these days sold as Jarvee))
SSL Private Proxies (Datacenter)

This setup used to work for ages. Sometimes we ran into security checks like pic uploads, phone number verification, ID upload: all solved with no problems.

Lately we can’t even create accounts anymore. As soon as we create them we run into security check which is almost the same all the time:

ReCaptcha (solved with ease) –> phone veri (solved with ease) –> pic upload: wait 24 hours –> account disbled

We changed around a lot of thi ...

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