Hey guys, I wanted to expose my thoughts about actual working verticals at the end of 2020. My goal is not to persuade you in running any specific vertical but to tell you my and my friends’ experience and motivate you to keep fighting.

The first one is e-commerce. I think it’s the most perspective niche for Facebook ads among all of them. I know STM members who showed me their results – 6-7 figures monthly and ROI 20-100% – that’s really a big deal. Ofc, there’s a lot of pitfalls – what & how to run, bans, etc. But it’s a matter of your experience, right? You will find out how to choose a narrow niche or product, how to deal with Facebook bans, and will be able to solve other issues. I am not an expert, just know the basics and a few tiny (but crucial) things, so I will let real professionals provide guidance for you.

Gambling. Yeah, I know what you may think – ‘what the hell?! Running casino on Facebook in 2020?’ Again I am not running it now, but the truth is it still works. I know a few guys from Ukraine who make 200-300-500k dollars in profit per month and 100-150% ROI. The crucial and initial thing you need to have is a dev team who will create and manage mobile apps to generate leads and deposits ...

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