Hi all!

A brief background, my name’s Justin, I’m an electrical engineer from Minneapolis. I discovered affiliate marketing several months ago through Charles Ngo and opened me to a world of online marketing that I had previously had really no idea about. I had always wanted to expand beyond the technical realm a bit and broaden my skills into marketing and this seemed like a great fit. I decided this was something I really wanted to purse, joined STM about a month and have been committed to learning as much as I can. Thanks to everyone here for all the helpful posts for us newbies!

I’ve gotten setup with the resources I need and have already run some campaigns to get some experience with process. I think I’ll fell prey to the noobie move of diving into some campaigns without really have a good understanding of how optimize and properly analyze and cut so I ended up losing some cash on those but did get comfortable with setting up the campaign process and stuff. So, decided to take a step back, gain some more knowledge and put together this follow along to help organize my process but also with the goal of optimizing better, more efficiently and finally go green 😀

Here’s where I’m at:
NordVPN account
Got Adplexity Mobile account
Voluum account
VPS server with LiquidWeb. CDN through cloudflare. Also setup with https for my domain. Learned some basic HTML/CSS/Javascript
Approved with Clickdealer and Mobidea (applied to Gotzha and Peerfly, no response yet)
Setup with PopAds, PropellerAds, Zeropark, PopCash accounts
Budgeting $300/ ...

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