Sorry about the Clickbait headline, but this is something you can’t ignore if you want to be in biz past 2019

This is a repost from comments I made in another thread, but it needs its own post in order to not hijack that one too much.

Plus we all need to talk and I expect the discussions could get lengthy. I specifically invite reps from networks, network software and all trackers to chime in here. Because isolated fixes to this problem means it’s still going to be a problem for everyone.

The issue is the current and coming privacy changes to browsers (imho: much needed). These change are great for all of us as consumers, but it also means a lot of what made this industry work is getting broken.

The two major issues arising from this are:

1. Your tracker not being able to attribute all sales and conversions
2. Your affiliate network not being able to attribute all sales and conversions (this is where it gets really messy)

On the tracker side. Custom domains could fix some of the issues, if you depend on pixels for conversion tracking, the sale needs to happen in 7 days and you’ll have no problem. Beyond that, no attribution will happen. The apparent work around would be to use postbacks since that’s “cookieless”

But “cookieless” really just means that the network software can ping your tracking software to mark a conversion without using cookies. BUT the network software still needs cookies to work to identify the person that converted so they can trigger the “cookieless” postback.

Fingerprinting is out of the question, bec ...

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