– $60k Profit on Taboola Running Casino App Installs

Hello guys and gals,

today I am going to share with you a recent profitable campaign we ran and all it’s details.

I often hear people say that these days it’s really hard finding a profitable campaign, it won’t last, natives are hard etc etc.

As usual, most of these people never took the effort to at least test a few offers before throwing the towel and love to find excuses.

So, to prove them wrong, I decided to run a campaign on natives using an offer and traffic source available to everyone.

The idea is to find an offer available on affiliate networks using AdPlexity and trying to make it profitable.

So, without losing further time, let’s get started!

First, let’s fire up AdPlexity and see what’s been hot lately.

I put a filter showing ads in the last 60 days that have been showing up for at least 14 days in a row.

This is how it looks like :

There are lots of results so need to filter them and combine it with info we got from our affiliate managers.

After spending some time reviewing the offers we decided to go with a Casino App install offer found on MundoMedia.

The reasoning on picking that offer was :

– It has a relatively small payout, between $5-$10 so it will take less budget to test it out.
– We saw it popping up quite often
– Our affiliate managers confirmed that it’s an offer performing well for other people too

To get started quickly, I decided to get a few creatives and landers from AdPlexity to test the waters.

The creatives picked were:

and the two landers below on rotation :


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