Hey, STM-ers, I have spent the last 2 months testing new niches. I have been running WH leadgen (auto insurance) since 2019 but I was always curious how e-commerce performs. I got a few PMs from Carousel by Jumbleberry so I wanted to give a shot. To be honest they helped me a lot with picking up the right offers and provided a lot of materials.

Some of you guys have already chatted with me or had video calls, so you know I am very helpful and responsive if you ask the right questions. I am feeling great if my guides help other affiliates. Do not be afraid to test new things!

This article will be one of three and I am gonna reveal: offers, angles, actual creatives and strategies on how to maintain the volume and scale.

Traffic Source: Facebook

Offer: Chefs Plate – $130 – CA

EPC – $11,35
Revenue for 47 days – $242,190.00

Top Funnel:

It’s a subscription service that offers food kits.

Angles I used:
Angle 1: AFFORDABILITY – Cook For Less, Startin ...

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