Hello STM

I’m starting a follow along to document my journey of going from $0 to $1,000 profit per day within 90 days, since today is 1st December I will be aiming for 1st of March to hit my goal.

I started here just a few days ago and already learned so much about performance marketing.

I have chosen native for it’s potential, I’m excited to journey into this space and am looking forward to accomplishing my goals.

My Plan:
My current plan is simple, I’m going to break down the 90 days into 13 weeks and set a number of goals per week.
Week 1:

  • Purchase tracking and optimization software
  • Sign up for traffic on Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent and MGID
  • Sign up for offers on ClickBank, PerformCb, Verve
  • Start my first native campaign advertising the top offer I see up-and-coming such that it is not saturated
  • Get my first conversion


  1. Launch First Campaign
  2. First conversion
  3. First $1 ...

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