I think it’s not a secret that POP traffic is the easiest and fastest way to achieve good profits, especially if you’re a newbie in AM. There are a lot of good POP sources where you can buy qualitative traffic for your offers. The best verticals for this type of traffic are: Pin-Submits and Sweepstakes. Why? Because our traffic is uninterested in our ads. These users didn’t click the button, they didn’t see our banner.

And we have only one weapon in our suitcase – a Landing Page. On this LP we should offer something that will be interesting absolutely for all people. Because our audience is: Men+Women 0-100 years old. We can’t target age, sex and interests. And we should find offers which all people want. Usually it’s Anti-viruses and Sweepstakes. Because all people are worried about security of their phones/computers, and also everyone wants to win an iPhone X 🙂

And usually our scheme looks like:

Source => MOB LP => Offer

But there many cheap WEB traffic in any POP source. And why we shouldn’t buy it? We should! I would say we need! Because today it’s one of the easiest ways to be profitable without big CashFlow.


Why only this vertical? Because if we look at other ones:
– Anti-Viruses – most of these offers allow only MOB traffic. Of course, you can find some AVs for Desktop, but it’s still hard to convert. Usually people use some “black” methods.
– Adult – In some GEOs you can easy run WEB traffic and target specific Carriers. But it’s also not a good way, because 3G traffic is expensive and there are many competitors.
– Dating – A good vertical. Usually Dating offers even have better payouts for WEB traffic, but you need to show a good KPI. And 90% of all my POP campaigns w ...

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