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Let’s remember how we can use Facebook ads in affiliate marketing.

Being the largest world’s social media site, Facebook is a great platform to promote your business. One can use Facebook ads for affiliate marketing by targeting specific audiences and demographics that are likely interested in the product.

Methods to Promote Affiliate Offers on Facebook

  1. Use Image Ads

Try to use images in your ads rather than only text because people are more responsive to them. You only have 5 seconds of users’ attention before they decide if they are interested or not.

  1. Use Facebook Ads to Promote Offers on Other Websites

If you’re promoting your product on other websites such as ClickBank, it is always a good idea to use Facebook ads on the other sites.

  1. Use Text Ads

Do not underestimate text ads because you can add a call-to-action such as a link directly to a product page ...

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