Although Voluum is an amazing tracker, I’ve always had a hard time implementing bot detection techniques within my live campaigns.
In order to do that, I either needed to have some PHP server side scripts or a second campaign from where I could filter my traffic, ending up in a chaotic mess of stats.

Here’s how I could get rid of all the headaches of additional scripts and additional redirects.

– Enable Custom Conversion tracking in Voluum.
– Use at least one landing page.
– Create your own offer for bot traffic.

– Detect both JS capable and incapable Bot clicks
– No additional delays in your landing page loading speed
– No need to create separate scripts to track your data (like passing parameters from one camp to another)
– Live Bot detection Always ON!

If you are using Voluum and want to have a bot detection setup in place, try implementing the following setup.

Step 1: Enable Custom Conversion tracking needed to detect JS capable Bots.
Login to your voluum account and create a custom conversion event

Give a name and a value to your custom conversion event then move to Step 2. (screenshot below)

Step 2: Add 2 Multi-offer links to one of your landing pages. – Sends the bot click to the 1st offer in list (our ...

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