Did the headline grab your attention? Because I’m a decent copywriter too.

After I lost my corporate job in 2009 (and at the time, what felt like losing my whole life), I fell into depression. Couldn’t pay the bills, new baby just born and no one was hiring because the world was in recession.

I already had 5 years of online marketing experience helping a hotel company shift from 7 to 8 figures online during my time there but since companies were letting people go I couldn’t even get my CV through to getting me an interview. Life sucked back then.

About 6 weeks into living like a zombie, my wife reminded me that I talked a lot about Affiliate Marketing, that I should give it a go. I didn’t have money but I had the internet… what else do you need right?

I stumbled across a forum like this in the UK called Affiliates4u – and like many of you probably do, I slurped up all the goodness in the threads, posts, comments whatever to try learn ...

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