First a quick one, when I write Amazon here, think of any local leading marketplaces as well.

1. Potential volume

The reach of Amazon and other marketplaces is enormous. Which translates in massive sales volume. We are in the top of our market when it comes to awereness and visibility, but that all pales in comparison to the awareness and visibility.

In simple terms, the people that I try to make aware of the fact that my company exists, has already bought on Amazon.

We have found that we mainly get new customers on marketplaces and no drop-off in our own customer base.

2. Sales can scale really quickly

We have taken it slowly in the beginning, as we first wanted to test the waters. It quickly became clear that when you have a hit, things move really, really fast.
We are in a niche market, but even there, there are quite a few products that bring in 15K in turnover in a month.
These products start at a few K a month, but even that is interesting enough.

Here’s why.

Especially when it’s additional volume, you use the overall volume to drive your purchase price down. After all, manufacturers and distributors are hungry for volume.

The more you can bring, the more you can get.

And with get, I mean an adjustment of terms in your favour. Which is not limited tot he purchase price. It can be better credit terms (buying more on credit, or taking longer to pay them 60 days in s ...

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