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I believe I’m not the only one to think that 2017 was an important year for Native advertising in general.

It was the year during which Native Ads went viral and everyone tried to jump on the running train and a seat.

So I wanted to get a general overview and try to understand what happened during the past year:

Which affiliate networks dominated the scene?

Which ads were the most successful?

Which traffic sources and sites (publishers/referrers) generated most of Native traffic?

So I looked at the stats from 2 platforms (which have become the main source from where affiliates get their insights) Adplexity and Similar Web, and tried put together some detailed and “human readable” reports, which are available to download for everyone.

Hope you will find this useful 🙂 .

Original Post (With all the downloadable reports) Can Be Found Here >>


This platform has now become the standard of the industry for those who want to stay informed about what their competitors are runn ...

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