Did I read correct? Exclusive Click2SMS Offers Only For STM Users?

Yes, that´s correct.

Exclusive offers only for our great users on STM.

Ok, but how is this possible?

Probably you have already seen my campaign guide about the offers from Haka.

After I posted the guide they had to close the registration for few days because so many new affiliates signed up with them.

As you can imagine their offers received lots of traffic already, not only on Haka directly but also from CPA networks that broker their offers.

Although the offers are still converting good and they also add new offers from time to time I thought that it would be a great idea when we could get some custom offers for our users to give you a small advantage over other affiliates.

But why Click2SMS offers?

These offers are very good, especially for beginners because

– They accept traffic from basically all geos worldwide
– They convert direct linked and with landing pages
– They work with carrier traffic but often al ...

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