Leads: 62 409
Revenue: $662 436
Profit: $107 364

Leads: 58 105
Revenue: $606 731
Profit: $132 152

Hey guys, this year was challenging. I think everybody felt this pain when getting banned for running even WH angles. And a lot of affiliates struggling to choose what vertical to choose in 2021, keep running BH, e-commerce, or smth else. Here are my result and some tips for the lead generation vertical. Hope you will find it useful.
If you have some questions after reading this, please, be respectful and prepare a specific list of questions and I will do my best to help you as a part of the STM community.

So you may read this post https://stmforum.com/forum/showthread.php?46728-facebook-wh-leadgen-in-2020-how-make-it-work-with-profit and this
where I told you I started to run white hat lead generation campaigns in 2019. It was a mortgage and auto insurance. Having analyzed the networks it was clear we need to get some direct offers to have higher payouts. The actual payout difference between networks and direct advertisers might be $4-6.

So we started to work with 2 networks first to understand how the niche works and what issues we might face. But then we signed a contract with direct advertisers – insurance companies. You really need to shake hands to get such deals. But do not worry you can still get a pretty high payout with Leadnomics and A4D networks.

But let’s talk about issues you may face. They might be lead quality, discrepancy, FB bans, daily caps.

How to struggle with every specific issue

Lead Quality: you need to choose a really nice manager who can provide you with the latest feedback about the quality of your leads. Do not just run traffic broadly within the same types of campaigns. Your traffic quality will be shitty for sure. Ofc, the affiliate manager will let you know the list of d ...

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